In the dense forest of full-sized SUVs, the Toyota Sequoia stands tall, not just because of its powerful performance or robust features, but also because of its steadfast commitment to style. With the 2024 model, Toyota has amplified this with a range of color options that emphasize both the vehicle’s strength and its refined presence on the road. Let’s take a closer look at the available color options, understanding that painting the perfect picture of your Sequoia starts with selecting the perfect shade.


Available Color Options

The 2024 Toyota Sequoia is available in a diverse range of colors, ensuring that there’s a hue for every sunset, cityscape, and adventure. Here is a detailed exploration of each color, complete with descriptions that go beyond the mere name to capture the essence of every shade.



2024 Toyota Sequoia - Blueprint

Blueprint is as versatile as it is timeless, inspired by the vast expanse above. It’s a steadfast, confident choice for those who wish to blaze a trail with the Toyota Sequoia without distracting from its majestic presence. This deep blue shade is one you’ll notice only after the SUV has already made a bold impression.


Ice Cap

2024 Toyota Sequoia - Ice Cap

Ice Cap is the understated luxury always present in the Sequoia. As cool and poised as its namesake, this off-white hue reflects serenity and balance. It’s perfect for those who want to convey an appreciation for subtlety but are far from ordinary.


Wind Chill Pearl

2024 Toyota Sequoia - Wind Chill Pearl

Wind Chill Pearl is elegance in motion. It catches the light with a luminosity that could make the Sequoia look as if it’s gliding on air. This pearlescent white option is a magnet for eyes and a perfect choice for those yearning for a touch of opulence.


Celestial Silver Metallic

2024 Toyota Sequoia - Celestial Silver Metallic

Celestial Silver Metallic is a shimmering reflection of confidence. This silvery hue accentuates the Sequoia’s bold lines and adds an air of sophistication to its robust frame, ensuring you stand out with an aura of success wherever you go.


Magnetic Gray Metallic

2024 Toyota Sequoia - Magnetic Gray Metallic

Magnetic Gray Metallic exudes strength, stability, and a touch of mystery. This color, with its deep, metallic sheen, commands attention without drama. It’s the choice for those who value a balance between ruggedness and refinement.


Midnight Black Metallic

2024 Toyota Sequoia - Midnight Black Metallic

Midnight Black Metallic is the epitome of boldness, power, and control. This color scheme turns the Sequoia into a significant presence on any road; its stealth-like quality is appealing and poignant, emphasizing the SUV’s capability to dominate both day and night.


Supersonic Red

2024 Toyota Sequoia - Supersonic Red

Supersonic Red demands attention and refuses to be ignored. It’s not just a color; it’s an announcement. As fierce as it is fiery, it’s a choice that shows the Sequoia’s dynamic potential and the driver’s passion for driving, leaving a trail of flames in its wake.


Smoked Mesquite

2024 Toyota Sequoia - Smoked Mesquite

Smoked Mesquite is a grounded yet rich choice for those who prefer their vehicles to reflect the natural world. This brown metallic hue is warm and inviting, like the embrace of the earth itself, and gives the Sequoia a comforting strength.



2024 Toyota Sequoia - Terra

Terra is a nod to adventure and the unexplored. A distinct burnt orange, it highlights the Sequoia’s readiness to take on the rugged wilderness, capturing the spirit of far horizons and endless discovery.


Lunar Rock

2024 Toyota Sequoia - Lunar Rock

Lunar Rock is modernity in mineral form. A matte finish that’s both sleek and textured, it elevates the Sequoia into an avant-garde statement of urbanity and innovation. This color challenges tradition in the best way possible.


Solar Octane

2024 Toyota Sequoia - Solar Octane

Solar Octane is audacious and alive, symbolizing the Sequoia’s uncontainable energy. This highlighter-yellow option is not for the faint of heart; it’s for those who see the road not just as a path but as a performance.


Making the Choice

The color of your vehicle can have a significant impact on its resale value and marketability, and the 2024 Toyota Sequoia’s broad color palette provides an opportunity to choose a shade that not only excites you today but also appeals to potential buyers down the road. As you consider your color choice, think about the long-term relationship you want to have with your Sequoia, and whether the color you select will remain timeless or may feel dated in five or ten years.

Picking the right color for your 2024 Toyota Sequoia isn’t just about personal preference—it’s about aligning the vehicle with your lifestyle, aesthetic, and future plans. The shade you choose will express who you are and the journeys you envisage taking in your Sequoia. Whether you opt for the bold or the serene, the sleek or the substantial, remember that your 2024 Toyota Sequoia will wear its colors on the broadside, quite literally showcasing your personality with each mile.

In a world full of SUVs, the 2024 Toyota Sequoia’s colors make it stand out. Your choice of paint job is as much an investment in your future as it is a statement in the present. So, seek the color that resonates with your soul, and embrace the adventure that the Sequoia promises, in the shade that brings joy every time you open the door. Together, in the seamless fusion of form and function, you and your colored chariot will pave the way for a road-trip legacy both vivid and victorious.