The Honda CR-V has long stood as an epitome of reliability, comfort, and versatility in the compact SUV market. With each new release, enthusiasts and new car buyers alike eagerly anticipate what Honda will offer next. For 2024, the CR-V returns with a suite of color options that promise something for every taste while enhancing the vehicle’s sleek, modern lines and sophisticated presence.

As a mainstay in the competitive world of compact SUVs, the Honda CR-V continues to appeal to a broad audience thanks to its eye-catching design, leading-edge technology, and impeccable safety record. The release of the 2024 Honda CR-V is no exception, with its calculated upgrades and fresh look. But perhaps just as integral to its allure as its performance and features is the variety of color options available to prospective buyers.


Available Color Options

When it comes to color, the 2024 CR-V offers a palette that complements its dynamic design and broadens its appeal. Whether you prefer a color that conceals dirt and wear or one that stands out in the parking lot, here are the hues you can choose from:

Urban Gray Pearl

2024 Honda CR-V - Urban Gray Pearl

A sophisticated choice, Urban Gray Pearl is a nod to the concrete jungles that many CR-Vs call home. It’s a subtle hue that offers a touch of elegance to your daily drive.


Canyon River Blue Metallic

2024 Honda CR-V - Canyon River Blue Metallic

Evocative of a serene river, Canyon River Blue Metallic is for those who want their vehicle to reflect a sense of peace and calmness. It’s a color that’s both soothing and striking on the road.


Crystal Black Pearl

2024 Honda CR-V - Crystal Black Pearl

For those seeking a sleek, timeless look, Crystal Black Pearl is the go-to. It shines brilliantly under city lights and speaks volumes about the owner’s refined tastes.


Lunar Silver Metallic

2024 Honda CR-V - Urban Gray Pearl

Lunar Silver Metallic is a classic silver with a modern twist—it catches the light with a moon-like glow, ensuring your CR-V truly stands out.


Meteorite Gray Metallic

2024 Honda CR-V - Meteorite Gray Metallic

Grounded and solid, Meteorite Gray Metallic is reminiscent of strength and dependability, reflecting the robust engineering under the hood.


Platinum White Pearl

2024 Honda CR-V - Platinum White Pearl

Bright and pure, Platinum White Pearl exudes a pristine beauty. It’s a color that turns heads and highlights the CR-V’s sharp exterior lines.


Radiant Red Metallic

2024 Honda CR-V - Radiant Red Metallic

Make a bold statement with Radiant Red Metallic—a color that pulsates with energy and vitality, perfect for those who wish to showcase their zest for life.


Still Night Pearl

2024 Honda CR-V - Still Night Pearl

Still Night Pearl is for the philosophic soul—a dark blue that mirrors the night sky, infused with a pearl-like sheen that adds an air of mystery.



The color of your vehicle is more than just an aesthetic choice; it’s a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. When considering the 2024 Honda CR-V, keep in mind how different colors may affect its long-term appeal and potential resale value. Each tone offered has been carefully selected to enhance the CR-V’s stylish appearance and ensure that it looks as fresh and relevant in the future as it does leaving the showroom.

Whether you gravitate toward the understated sophistication of Urban Gray Pearl, the rich depths of Still Night Pearl, or the vibrant flair of Radiant Red Metallic, there’s a shade for every CR-V enthusiast. Embrace the one that best suits your preferences and watch as your CR-V not only meets but exceeds every expectation on the road ahead.